No two days are the same at Little Buds with different activities on every day. We follow the EYFS frameworkand make sure that our children are learning with fun. 


Apart from the activities on our curricumlum, we also allow time for children to pursue and share a particular enthusiasm.

For example, Robin became very interested in Go-Carts. He used to draw them and talk about them all the time. What should we do?

Build one of course. Gavin our gardener told us what we would need. We bought and borrowed the materials and tools.Gavin then helped Robin to build his dream Go Cart, by which time, everyone was interested and wanted to take part.


We have music with Jorge the Music Man. He brings a trombone, a ukelele and a variety of instruments. 

The children will join in with refrains and actions. 

Music helps with learning numbers and counting and actions. The children learn how to work together. 


Every other Tuesday we have football with Julian. 

Physical activity helps the children with their balance and body confidence. 

They have plenty of activities to improve co-ordination. 


We have French with Chrysale, where the children learn numbers and colours and other concepts in French. 

Learning another language helps the children explore the world around them, and also gives them confidence in their own language. 


Thursdays is very popular with the visit of Gavin the Gardener.

Gavin helps with planting and caring for plants such as tomatoes, carrots, onions, corn, strawberries.  We just love eating what we’ve grown. 

We have a wild garden with a bowl of water for the birds and the children can hunt for bugs and butterflies.


We like to invite parents and carers in to run an activity. 

Little Buds is a huge family so we love it when parents join in. 

In the past we have had story telling and sushi making. We’ve made paper, and holly wreaths. 



The Journey

Another favourite activity which gets the children very excited is “The Journey.” 

It may not be very far, but the destination is very adventurous. We pop next door into Kidzmania where the children can really stretch their legs and their imagination on the climbing frames and the bouncy castle.