Little Buds Day Nursery

Little Buds Day Nursery


Choosing the right Nursery for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make in your child’s early years. The Nursery you choose will help to develop some of the characteristics and skills that your child will need as he or she progresses through to Reception and Primary School. 

The right Nursery for your child will build confidence in being away from their parents, social skills around other children, enhance their communication and language skills, and provide a host of activities that would be difficult to replicate at home.

Just as importantly, you as parents need to feel confident that your child will be safe, well cared for and happy in the Nursery. It is so difficult to go to work, wondering whether your child is unhappy when you have left them.

Little Buds Day Nursery is built around providing a safe and secure environment in which your child is encouraged to explore and find their potential. All children are different with different interests and skills, and at Little Buds they are encouraged to follow their interests. We are a small Nursery and so can encourage children to be individuals. Our aim is to provide your child with all of the tools and skills that he or she will need when they leave us to go Reception

I have been involved in Nursery Schools in Hackney for 40 years, and am enjoying it as much now as I did when I first started.  I am now taking children whose parents were children at my Nursery.

I set up Little Buds back in 2011 with the aim of providing a family setting away from home, somewhere for children to feel secure and to be able to flourish. I take great pride in seeing children who have started their journey at my Nursery doing so well at Primary School, Secondary School, going on to University, and now sending their children to me to start their journey.

It really does show just how important the choice of the right Nursery school is for your child. I hope to set out my vision for the children of Little Buds in this website to help you make that decision.

Jocelyn Crome

I was recommended to Little Buds by a friend who had spent a couple of months transitioning one of her children into the nursery setting. She said the settling period couldn’t have been managed better for the extended settling in period of her anxious daughter.

With this glowing report I sent my own son to Little Buds in a shot. It was such a lovely place where he was instantly taken with. The staff had to negotiate the Covid pandemic. During his time at Little Buds I was overjoyed we had found a safe place, where he could socialise surrounded by the kindness and warmth of the nursery staff. It was great to have children of mixed ages, lots of craft activities, a garden and preparation for school by learning phonics.
But what made sending my son to Little Buds the best decision, was that he surrounded by such fabulous nurturing women who do an AMAZING job. You are simply the best team and unrivalled by any other nursery setting!

Thanks so much,


Mother 2021